🐸Phrynomantis bifasciatus *SOLD OUT.


Origin: southern Somalia southeastward to Angola and extending southward into Namibia, Botswana and south Africa

Adaptation: fossoreal in dry season but in wet season it will climb trees and rocks.

Humidity: moist 70% make sure there is a good amount off ventilation.

Temperatures: 26-29° Celsius

Encloser: 30x30x45 cm for a induvidual with a big moist layer off dirt.

Light/heating: light is not needed.

Water:they need a shallow pool with flooting vegetation for breeding.

Life span: approxemetly 10 years.

Growth rate:hatching within 4 days, froglets in 1 months, about 100 days till a full frog, sexual mature when adult colors show.

Adult size: 4-6cm.

Adult colour: black dark brown-ish with red markings.

Food: mostly termites and ants, but also other small insects.

toxicity: the secretion from the skin can be deadly if ingested by humans.

Cites: no

Difficulty 1-10: 4

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aquatic, fossorial, terrestrial


Black, brown, red






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